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April 12, 2024 4 min read

Our homes should be a place of peace and security. Maintaining the safety and comfort of loved ones is an unarguable priority, so ensuring your property is built to meet or exceed the highest professional standards is predominant in each of our design decisions.

Similarly, our homes should reflect ourselves - something we fall in love with daily, a window into our uniqueness. Engineered thatch roofing is, therefore, the perfect solution for your property. At the intersection of style and practicality, Endureed Roofing has perfected the homes of thousands of our customers. But what is engineered thatch, and where is it most often used? Here are just a few of the situations where it thrives!

What is Endureed’s Engineered Thatch Roofing?

Most people have heard of thatch roofing. This roofing material has been a timeless staple of human architecture due to its use of local, abundant, and low-cost materials. While it has traditionally used various types of vegetation such as palm leaves, straw, and rushes woven into a dense, insulating structure, Endureed has evolved this using premium synthetic materials; engineered thatch stands as both a seriously practical and harmoniously aesthetic roofing option in the 21st century.

The Benefits of Engineered Thatch

Modern homeowners care that their roof is visually appealing and keeps them safe. Many first get interested in thatch roofing due to its highly attractive and unique nature - outdoor spaces can get an aesthetic upgrade grounded in coastal, traditional style. But it’s not just the pleasing looks that make engineered thatch one of the best roofing choices in 2024. Engineered thatch roofing is hailed for its durability, strength, and long life relative to other roofing options. 

The benefits of engineered thatch include:

  • Durability: The engineered thatch designed by Endureed is built to last the test of time. With no maintenance and a 20-year warranty, this proprietary roofing material is guaranteed not to fail.
  • Weather Resistant: our engineered thatch can withstand all types of weather, from rain and wind to even, yes, snow! You can be confident in your family’s safety for coastal locations in hurricane-risk areas with engineered thatch built to withstand category 5 hurricane winds.
  • Fire Resistant: unlike traditional thatch and several other common roofing materials, engineered thatch is categorized as a Class A fire-resistant material. This means that it is among the materials least likely to contribute to a house fire and can resist fires started by materials such as paper, waste, and wood.

Popular Residential Uses of Engineered Thatch 

Endureed’s engineered thatch is a beloved roofing option in hotels, resorts, and attractions worldwide, such as the Nashville Zoo and Coastal Shade in Hawaii. Spanning across the globe from Australia and Japan to Florida and California, Endureed is consistently chosen to create a beautiful experience with the security of a product that can last and perform to commercial financial expectations.

Our engineered thatch is just as successful as a residential product. It is perfect for projects of all types, sizes, and locations. How might you incorporate our beautiful thatch into your property? Here are the most popular ways engineered thatch is installed on homes worldwide today.

Pool House 

Pools inherently bring a coastal aesthetic to any property. Whether it is an enclosed pool house or an outdoor pool with too much sunshine, our customers love using engineered thatch to transform their pool into their own private resort.


Providing portable shade and shelter wherever and whenever you need it most, gazebos have fantastic versatility and excellent usability. Whether it’s just for select occasions or year-round use, having one can change how you think about and use your garden. Whether you need extra shade, shelter from rain, or an extra place to rest while outside, roofing your gazebo in an engineered thatch will ensure the structure remains strong and in good condition.

Grill House 

We all know the pain of wanting to grill the perfect meal, but the intense heat or perpetual rain interferes with a delectable feast. With a grill house using Endureed’s engineered thatch, you can safely host, relax, and entertain family barbecues and outdoor cooking parties all year round, no matter the weather.

Back Patio

A paved patio area in your backyard provides the perfect space to enjoy your garden, indulge in al fresco dining, entertain guests, or simply relax with a good book - or even all at once. Turn your back patio into the place where everyone wants to come on Saturday night. Engineered thatch not only ensures the structural integrity of your patio’s roof in the elements but also guarantees that it will be done right whether you like entertaining or seeking your own inner peace best.

Tiki Bar

Bring the tropical party to your own home! From coastal-themed cocktails to heart-warming company and romantic lighting, a Tiki bar or Palapa is a no-brainer for people looking to celebrate comfortably.

A Roofing Option You Cannot Pass On

The sheer beauty and unique style of Endureed’s engineered thatch roofing is matched only by its impressive practicality. The average Joe may opt for yet another asphalt shingle roof like the millions of other cookie-cutter houses around the country, but if you’re invested in a home that’s refreshing, peaceful, and built to last for the long run, there’s no better choice than engineered thatch.

Check out the wide variety of styles we offer that can match any aesthetic you desire, or contact our team today to get started with your dream upgrade to your home!

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