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Custom Signage Available

Our custom signs are designed to fit in a wood frame that sits on top of the tiki bar’s thatched roof.  The crossed pattern base of the frame gives the bar a more custom look and blends beautifully with the tropical theme of the bar.

The printed area of the bar’s custom sign measures 44” x 10” and our designers can work with you to create a design of your choosing. Custom signs are $199.95. If you purchase a Custom sign at check-out, E-mail us at or simply fill in this form and we will be in contact with you to discuss your custom sign options.

Click here to see TikiTops™ Custom Sign Requirements

We also offer standard signage options like the Fresh Lemonade sign.

The TikiTops™ bar with the Fresh Lemonade sign is a fantastic way to help boost your lemonade sales! Not only is the bar easy to move to your prime selling location (with the optional casters), but the TikiTops bar will offer shade and comfort while you serve up some icy cold lemonade to your customers. Simply turn on some summertime music, decorate your bar with a few fresh lemons and start serving!  

For only $99.99, you can enhance your sales efforts by clearly advertising your lemonade stand with a bright, classic Fresh Lemonade sign.

Click here to add the Lemonade sign to your TikiTops™ bar order.