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May 14, 2024 4 min read

What do you think of when you contemplate making your home a place of paradise? According to Oxford Languages, paradise is an ideal or idyllic place or state - somewhere that is extremely happy, peaceful, and picturesque. While you might initially pass that off as wishful thinking, especially in the era of working from home and no separation between responsibilities and relaxation, we’re happy to share with you that paradise is actually much more achievable than you believe. 

By converting your home’s aesthetic to better match a state of tropical paradise, maximizing your usable backyard space, and seeking new ways to create comfort and peace, the TikiTops team has helped countless homeowners find their paradise. 

The Power of TikiTops 

Before diving into the transformative potential of your home into a place of paradise, allow us to introduce you to premium engineered thatch which is designed and created in-house with our sister company, Endureed. Most people have already heard of thatch roofing - it’s one of the most common roofing materials that has been used for thousands of years throughout human history. Using layered and densely woven natural vegetation (such as rushes, palm branches, water reed, and straw), thatch roofing creates a sturdy barrier against the elements with natural insulation and resilience against wind, rain, snow, and hail. 

VIVA engineered palm thatch used in TikTops products, however, retains the aesthetic beauty of natural thatch but is made from a proprietary blend of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This material is 100% recyclable and incredibly durable. In fact, it is fire, hurricane, pest, and rot resistant; resiliency that can withstand category 5 hurricane winds and gives it a Class-A fire-resistance rating. But as we mentioned, it is not just a durable roofing material; it is beautifully designed with a variety of different regional aesthetics. TikTops Viva palm products come with anew and weathered style, and Premium Engineered thatch comes in different designs such asCape Town,Kilimanjaro,Somerset,Kona, andBali

So now that you have an idea of what premium engineered thatch is, let’s take a look at how it will make your home feel more like a paradise. 

coastal gazebo with engineered thatch roof and linen curtains

Happy Home

For your home to feel like paradise, it must be idyllic. That means it needs to be a place of happiness, peace, and of picturesque beauty. Before the days of lockdown, most people reached the end of the workday and dreamt of getting home as soon as possible where they could find some happiness away from their job’s responsibilities. Nowadays, however, more people are working from home and are finding themselves needing to leave in order to seek that same happiness! But what if we were to tell you that all the happiness you need can still be found at home? 

With engineered thatch and TikiTops’ line of premium products, you can turn your home into everyone’s favorite tropical party destination. Engineered thatch is the perfect solution for transforming your backyard patio or pool deck into a shaded tropical paradise, allowing you to enjoy the outdoor spaces of your home better than ever before. We also have luxurypalapa kitsmade with premium cypress or eucalyptus wood,tropical tiki bars for time with friends or quiet relaxation, andcustom accessories to make your backyard your own personalized haven. Happiness is here with TikiTops! 

Peaceful Home

TikiTops is able to help create happiness at your home, but what about peace? On one hand, engineered thatch is an incredibly versatile roofing material. If you’ve ever been irritable or lacked comfort due to being too hot in your outdoor spaces, this premium roofing material is one of a kind in creating plenty of shaded areas wherever they’re needed. It is extremely lightweight, which means new structures do not need extensive engineering in order to support this material, and existing structures can easily accommodate being updated with engineered thatch. Furthermore, engineered thatch is fantastic for providing natural insulation - it will help keep you cool when it’s hot outside, and it will even keep you warmer when the weather is cold. 

On the other hand, engineered thatch is one of the safest roofing materials available for homes. Being made of Class-A fire-resistant materials ensures optimal safety against fire hazards (such as from fire pits and grills). It is also resilient against category 5 hurricanes, pests, and rot, and it can easily withstand rain, hail, and even snow! To top it off, engineered thatch by TikiTops comes with a 20-year warranty to guarantee its strength. The durability, longevity, and safety of this roofing material do one thing perfectly: provide you with peace of mind that your home is protected. 

Picturesque Home

In order for your home to feel more like paradise, it also needs to look like it. Fortunately, TikiTops’ engineered thatch is designed to evoke the timeless charm of traditional thatch. It comes in Cape Town, Kilimanjaro, Somerset, Kona, and Bali regional designs, all with their unique and beautiful aesthetic. Regardless of where you live or what part of the world you would most want to escape to, engineered thatch can immerse you into a gorgeous tropical paradise. They don’t have to be limited to your home’s roof either - with our premium palapa kits, you can amplify the natural beauty of your garden or backyard space as well. 

Bring Paradise Home Today

Between TikiTops’ ability to bring your home happiness, peace, and a beautiful new aesthetic, paradise is closer than ever before. Let us be your guide to transform your home this spring - whether it is a complete makeover or the installation of a new palapa or tiki bar, we are your partners in paradise.Contact us to learn more about our products, or to get started on your journey to paradise today! 

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Beyond Blue

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