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March 24, 2023 2 min read

Let’s get down to business. You don’t want to have to do maintenance when you’d rather relax and have fun. That's what makes TikiTops™  bars and Palapas a great choice. Each is topped with VIVA™ engineered thatch from Endureed®

Why does this mean more fun in the shade and less cursing and maintaining? Let's explore:

How Long Does a Natural Thatched Roof Last? 

If all maintenance practices are the best and followed regularly you’re looking at about 10 years on your natural palm thatch roof. That’s not all though, you also have to be aware of hazards like fire and pests because an untended natural thatch roof can go very wrong very fast. 

How do I Maintain a Natural Thatched Roof? 

  • Ventilation: You have to make sure that your roof is properly ventilated to avoid rot and decay. 
  • Inspections: ALL THE TIME, you will be needing regular inspections from specialists which will cost more money. 
  • Fire hazards: Fire is a constant danger with natural thatched roofs—they are dry leaves after all. Then you also have to get a chemical fire retardant just to be safe. 
  • More chemicals: Natural thatched roofs are a breeding ground for many different types of bugs and insects. Eliminate applying chemicals to your roof when you buy engineered thatch.
  • Other animals:Live and let live... Unless creepy-crawlies are trying to live in the roof of your tiki bar. In the case of natural thatch roofing, if you don’t want your little friends to come inside you will need a layer of high-quality netting. That netting will help keep bats, birds, lizards, snakes and other creatures out of your thatch.
  • Lots of work: Wow, everything we just went over seems like a lot of work and holds high risks when you could get the same look from an engineered product. 

Lifespan of a Synthetic Thatched Roof? 

A properly-installed synthetic thatched roof from Endureed is guaranteed to last at least 20 years. No more questioning if it will fade, rot, or decay because it’sFlorida Product Approved and tested to withstand Category 5 hurricane winds.


Products: Our VIVA thatch is made from high-quality HDPE and is designed to mimic the appearance of natural palm thatch, that’s why it’s the roof of choice for all TikiTops products. 

Environmental: Endureed engineered thatch roofing is 100% recyclable when the lifespan is eventually up. Also because synthetic thatch offers a longer lifespan it means that there is less environmental impact from constant repairs and replacement.

Twenty-three years after our very first synthetic thatch installation at a major Florida theme park, we are proud to say that our roofing is still holding up to the expectations we promise. 

Ask us about all TikiTops options today! 

Asia Kalcevic
Asia Kalcevic